Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance Tips: How To Avoid Expensive Repairs & Replacements

For those living in the hot and humid climate, the best option to maintain a healthy and pleasant atmosphere inside their homes is to install air conditioning unit. Air conditioning unit controls humidity and temperature and lets one enjoy cool and pleasant environment inside one’s home. Regular use takes its toll on this mechanical unit and makes air conditioning service imperative.

Regular air condition service maintains the air condition unit in peak working condition, and results in improved efficiency, increased life span, lower energy consumption, and safety. During ac service, the professionals check the air filters, refrigerant leakage, cooling coil, thermostat, and the vents and ducts of the air conditioning unit. Air conditioning service professionals carry cleaning and disinfection of the heating and cooling systems along with vents, coils, and filters. In addition, good ac companies in Dubai also clean those machinery parts that are hard to see but usually accumulate dirt and dust. They carry a thorough cleaning of the ac to ensure that their customers enjoy clean and pure air free of allergens and dust mites.

Professional ac cleaning is worth the money that you spend on it, but if you follow preventive maintenance tips, you can keep your air conditioning service bills really low. You can avoid expensive repairs and replacements and can let your unit perform efficiently for many years to come.

  • Clean your air filter once in every month
  • Regularly clean the ducts
  • Clean the compressor of the air conditioning unit from the outside. You can use your garden hose to clean it thoroughly.
  • During winters, cover the compressor to prevent dirt and dust from finding their way inside the unit.
  • Refrigerant leakage can cause your air conditioning unit to blow hot air. Check hose connections for any leaks. Check the condensate tube to ensure that it is draining properly.
  • Check all the ducts and vents in your room. If they are blocked with any obstruction, clear those obstructions as they can force your ac to work harder.
  • You must also see if there are any leaky ducts as they can cause the cold air to leak and may add up your electricity bills by thousands.
  • Do not change the thermostat quite often. Turning the thermostat up, and down, and then back again can waste a lot of energy. Set a comfortable temperature and let your air conditioning unit work efficiently.
  • Hang potted plants outside your room. These plants will provide natural shade and would prevent your room from heating up. You may also plant thick shrubs and trees to keep the cold air inside and to enhance the cooling effect inside the room.

Follow these tips to ensure that your air conditioning unit stays strong and efficient all through the summers.

Call over professional air conditioning technician once in a year and save plenty of money in the long run. For efficient and reliable ac service, visit The company has a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians who can perform complete ac service and maintenance work.